Hey, Depending on how long you’ve already been a subscriber you might already know this newsletter’s backstory. In case you don’t, here’s the short version: A few months ago I launched a product idea prompt generator (very catchy name I know). On launch day I remembered that eve…
Hi! I’m bringing back the “Product of the Week” section and for the next few issues I primarily want to use it to highlight interesting content product…
desirable interruptions, VA matchmaking, and the opposite of ad blockers
text analysis for small businesses, connecting Shopify to Amazon, and paying $500 a month for something like Stack Overflow
blunders, investing in nobodys, and mix-and-match product ideation
the product ideas podcast, indie thinkers, and the opposite of good ideas
favorite problems, newsletter spy, and pay-to-win outreach
X OS, quarks and leptons, and what the smartest people do
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