Hi, I’m bringing back the Product Ideas Newsletter! But I’m doing it with a twist: I will leverage GPT-3 to brainstorm interesting ideas. In addition, I’ve decided to offer (for a limited time) free, personalized product ideas. More information here.
Unbundling Reddit Yes, I know that the unbundling of Reddit is an old hat. So I’ll skip the preamble and talk directly about an example and a concrete…
desirable interruptions, VA matchmaking, and the opposite of ad blockers
text analysis for small businesses, connecting Shopify to Amazon, and paying $500 a month for something like Stack Overflow
blunders, investing in nobodys, and mix-and-match product ideation
the product ideas podcast, indie thinkers, and the opposite of good ideas
favorite problems, newsletter spy, and pay-to-win outreach
X OS, quarks and leptons, and what the smartest people do
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