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Depending on how long you’ve already been a subscriber you might already know this newsletter’s backstory. In case you don’t, here’s the short version:

A few months ago I launched a product idea prompt generator (very catchy name I know). On launch day I remembered that everyone is saying that it’s essential to capture email addresses. Hence I added a tiny “Newsletter” button to my site, just to see what happens. My thinking was that in case anyone really signs up I will just send the prompts my generator comes up with.

To my surprise more than 200 people signed up on launch day and hence I started to send out regular newsletters. Over time not just the content of this newsletter but also my thinking on the topic as a whole has evolved quite a bit. What started with simple prompts quickly became 1000+ word newsletters outlining trends and opportunities I was seeing. I had a lot of fun and each issue helped me understand the product idea maze a bit better.

But after reflecting on my progress and what I want to achieve this year I’ve decided that it’s time for the next chapter.

I will now focus full-time on (live on Product Hunt today) which lives at the intersection of this newsletter and a few of my other data-driven projects.

Together with Rob Sullivan and Samantha Peterson our goal is to publish trend brainstorms, deep dives, case studies, gaps in the market analyses, expert interviews, and niche market data that help founders spot opportunities.

We send 1-2 reports per month to free subscribers and 4-6 reports to paying subscribers. (Regular price $29.99/month but there’s a 30% launch discount today).

You don’t have to do anything to receive our free reports as I will add you to the new list. Since you signed up for this newsletter, I’m 99% sure you’ll enjoy the content we’re putting out at But of course if it’s not your cup of tea you can unsubscribe with one click below.