The Product Ideas Newsletter #8

men with long hair, niche hosting, and the capacity to see the future

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  • Now is the perfect time to start thinking about second-order implications of the Coronavirus quarantine measures that are happening around the world.

    Obviously, once things get back to normal people will have a huge appetite for travel. At the same time, currently many companies go bankrupt and most people are too scared to start something in the field. “The time to buy (or build!) is when there's blood in the streets”, as the saying goes.

    An example of a less obvious second-order effect is that there will be far more men with long hair once the quarantine ends. Many take the opportunity to try new looks while they’re quarantined.

1 Thought

“I think there are very few people who have a capacity to see the future. So it can be difficult when you are talking about something where nothing about it exists yet.” - from Founders At Work by Jessica Livingston